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Moss gone the ultimate path cleaner moss remover

Amos Green Algae Remover
Amos Green Path Cleaner Patio Dysys
Amos Green Path Cleaner Patio Dysys


A highly effective moss remover for roofs and other external surfaces. The moss remover once applied will rapidly kill moss on tarmac and concrete. The moss will die off over a few days and can then be easily removed by pressure washing. You can also leave the dead moss to go away naturally over time once the moss killer has been applied.

Features & Benefits:

  • No Need for Scrubbing or High-Pressure Washing
  • Covers up to 100 – 125m² per 5 litre
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Apply by Watering Can or Sprayer

We are confident that this effective moss remover will enable you to kill and remove moss and algae from most external hard surfaces.

The moss remover is highly effective in removing moss from block paving, concrete, tarmac, natural stone, decking and roofs.

Go Moss is a specially formulated moss killing biocide solution that will quickly kill and remove moss, mould and algae and other forms of organic growth from most external surfaces. Go Moss aids cleaning off moss and algae without the need for pressure washing.


weils hand wipes selco hygiene
Hand Wipes Weils Disease Selco Hygiene
Hand Wipes Weils Disease Selco Hygiene

Heavy Duty Hand wipes-effective against Weils Disease are made from a specially manufactured non-woven fabric.

As part of its structure it has a rough texture that helps the removal of heavy ingrained grease and dirt and is effective in environments such as garages, heavy engineering etc.

This product will remove grease, grime, inks, silicone and adhesives.

This product comes in a portable tub to facilitate use when standard washing facilities are not readily available.

This product contains anti Weils Disease to help protect you when working,

Perfect for people working underground with cables or pipes.

packed 150 wipes per tub