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Floor Scrubber Washer Drier -Mains Cable- Non Stop Cleaning

Ride on Floor Scrubber Drier 85D

Ra45E Speed Floor Scrubber Drier

Twin Sani Bucket & Wringer, Clean with Fresh Solution

Mop Bucket Kentucky Handle & Mop Selco
Mop Bucket Kentucky Handle & Mop Selco

 Our New Sani Duo Twin Buckets with Wringer Combos Double pail for separate cleaning solution and rinse water for a simple easy-to-use cleaning system.

  • Twin buckets: capacity 1 x 18l (8lt red for dirty water).
  • 4 quiet swivel casters.
  • Wringer and Buckets easily removable for replacement and cleaning.
  • For mopping use.
  • Mop handle and mop included.
  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Reduce Cross Infection.
  • Separated Clean from dirty solution.
  • Removable dirty solution bucket

 Unit consists of Mop unit and mop handle