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School Safe Hand Sanitiser Ipa Alcohol Gel 10 x 5 Lt

refill medical hand gel

This Safe Ipa Medical Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel is being supplied for many years by Selco. Handi San is a safe Gel Sanitiser with 65% + Medical Alcohol. 10 x 5 litre Gel For Schools

Dispenser Wall Mount 1.1 litre- Pour In Holder

Dispenser Hand Sanitiser

*Bulk fill soap sanitiser liquid or gel dispenser. *Transparent deposit of SAN, 1.1 Lts. capacity *Support, cover and valve of high quality and resistance white ABS *Key lock, white cover *Push button includes anticorrosion and non-drip valve *Allows to view completely the quantity of soap or sanitiser available. *Great performance, and easy install *Recommended for […]

Hand Sanitiser Gel and Dispenser Deal

Hand Sanitiser Gel Best Buy

We have a Great Deal in Hand Sanitiser with 4 Dispensers for your shop, office, school, factory, business, Keep your staff and customer safe with alcohol hand sanitiser gel. We also have an ALCOHOL FREE if needed,

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