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Healthcare Disposable Plastic Aprons-100pk Selco

plastic aprons
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Disposable plastic aprons  strong 100 per pack.

Our single use disposable aprons are liquid resistant and prevent the transfer of fluids,perfect for catering, cleaning, dentistry, first aid and medical procedures.

The flat pack packaging allows the easy non-stick hygienic removal of each apron.

Halter neck and waist ties on each apron.

Flat packed for easy storage. Save time and reduce your laundry costs by never washing aprons again. Prevent bacterial contamination and control infection by disposing of your apron when changing environments.

Dispenser Wall Mount 1.1 litre- Pour In Holder

Dispenser Hand Sanitiser

*Bulk fill soap sanitiser liquid or gel dispenser.
*Transparent deposit of SAN, 1.1 Lts. capacity
*Support, cover and valve of high quality and resistance white ABS
*Key lock, white cover
*Push button includes anticorrosion and non-drip valve
*Allows to view completely the quantity of soap or sanitiser available.
*Great performance, and easy install
*Recommended for collectivities and high traffic public areas.

1.1 litre per fill.